I Had…

…a lovely birthday today.
Thanks for asking.


In Memoriam



1917 – 2009

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Happy New Year!

…To all the nice folks that wander through here.

And you spambots, too.

Fred! Thompson’s Christmas Ad

UPDATE: My buddy BobSmith adds in the comments:

Great video: an idea for anyone who’s moved by it. Go to USO.org and donate to Operation Phone Home…every $15 donated buys 45 minutes of phone time for a serviceman/woman. Click on Donate Now on the home page and then Donate to a specific program on the following page.

An excellent suggestion.

Some Black & White Pics

A few weeks ago I went shooting with my honey and a good friend.We went wandering around Old Town Alexandria, Va.

I took my grandfather’s old Leica M3 with my buddy’s new Voightlander 30mm lens.

Shooting film, after years of instant feed-back from digital, forces me to concentrate more on the whole process.





This last one is the interior of Christ Church. On the left is Geo. Washington’s old family pew and on the altar rail is a brass tag marking where Robert E. Lee was confirmed.


Happy Thanksgiving…

to the fine, few folks that drop through here.

Sorry it’s been light lately. New job, you know.

Now go eat too much!

Have A Tissue Ready

Christopher Hitchens writes “A Death In The Family.”

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Let’s Play A Game


The Pity Post

I got laid-off from my real world gig last night. It would seem that my years of hustle and experience costs the company just too darned much.
Good luck with those $7 an hour, part-time high school kids, there, boss.
If you’re feeling pity for me, and you aren’t a human if you don’t, click on THIS SITE AND BUY A PHOTO. Actually get something for your money!
Com’on, baby needs a new pair of shoes.

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggitty-Jig

church.jpg Church of Peter and Paul, Petergoff

My honey and I have just returned from St. Petersburg, Russia where, after five years of wedded bliss, I’ve finally met my in-laws. They seem to like me. Which is a plus.
After a day or two of decompression I’ll post some pix (together we shot about 34 gigs worth) and some impressions of the country and the people.

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