A Bleg.

When this Christmas season is over would somebody please remind me to get out of the retail industry.


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Happy Thanksgiving, Y’all

Eat too much, drink too much ( if you like ) and thank whom ( or what ) ever you like.

Remember, whatever your present situation, it could always be worse.

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Leipzig is Calling – Thomas Dolby

One of my favorite musicians.

He’s touring again.

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This Makes Me Laugh.

The Vader Sessions.

NSFW for some language shit.

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A Tip.

When you drop off your film at the camera store or (God Forbid!) the drugstore; please remember:

The counter clerk doesn’t give a rat’s rear end where you went on vacation and doesn’t want to look at another bad picture of where-the-hell-ever it was.

Just a thought.

Thank you.

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This Is Amazing

Amateur by Lasse Gjertsen

via Communications from Elsewhere

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