My Favorite Cartoon

It’s by B. Kliban. Some of his work can be found here.


Happy New Year!

…To all the nice folks that wander through here.

And you spambots, too.

Chet Atkins & Don McLean – Vincent

I saw Chet Atkins many years ago during the Spoleto USA Festival in Charleston, SC. It was like sitting with 1200 friends listening to your favorite uncle tell stories and play guitar. A magical evening.

h/t to Lipstick in this thread for starting the search.

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How Long Must This Go On?

Shampoo, rinse, repeat.

Where’s OSHA When You Need ‘Em?

They’re putting a new roof on the building I work in. When I go outside for a cigarette I’m having to deal with the smoke and stinky fumes of boiling tar.

Do you think it’s unhealthy?

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Hmmm, Sunshine.

I’m gonna be gone for a couple of weeks doing some of that “life” stuff.

I’ll be back…with pix.

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I Hear Ya, Sister!

Wah, Wah, I Have Seasonal Affective Disorder.

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Public Health Notice

I just ate lunch at Taco Bell.

I’ll let you know.

UPDATE: Still alive. Just a little gas.

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Alert from the CDC!!

Bird Flu has been found in Florida! (more…)

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