Naming the Ol’ Homestead.

We’ve all heard lofty and inspiring monikers for folks’ mansions and country homes. Tara and San Simeon, Green Acres and Wheezing Woods come to mind. I photographed a house a few minutes ago as it began it’s trip through renovation. Nice little place; brick, one-story, three little bedrooms. It will get a second floor and a big porch. It’s name?

Casa de Possum.

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Sheer Genius!

It’s sausage. Wrapped in pancake. No, wait. Get this. ON A STICK.
That Jimmy Dean fella. Splitting atoms, with his mind.
I might start eating breakfast again.
I just went to their site and I don’t see it.   It may be I’m in a test market.
It would suck if nobody else liked it.

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It’s About Access.

ramon-ortiz-1.jpg© Harrison Thomas

I have a friend who shoots for many of the professional sports teams in town. He has graciously obtained credentials for me for the occasional event.

It’s the best way to learn. And I’ve learned that I need to spend alot more money on equipment. Blah.

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Let’s just say I was on summer vacation and leave it at that.

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