Video Music Link Dump!

Yeah. I'm stuck in the 80's. What's it to ya.

Kraftwerk. Depeche Mode. Talk Talk. The Pretenders.

Split Enz who became Crowded House. R.E.M.

Roxy Music. The Smiths. Eurythmics. And Donald Fagen.

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Give Me Something I Can Use!

The word has been out for at least 5 years. "I need photos that'll make the people I hate look bad."

Thus, we end up with this. I have, on rare occasion, had a chance to photog a famous face. If you stare at someone long enough you'll see them rub their nose so that it looks like they're digging in it. VP Cheney may have blinked. The shutter speed setting on the camera was no slower than 1/60 of a second.

Anything to create a negative buzz. "He's too old for the job, bad heart, you know." Sheesh.

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The Danes Are At It Again!

The Bible in Lego. When will they learn?
Riots TBA.

Via Jonah Goldberg

P.S. Comes with a warning due to nudity. No, really. 

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If I were the sort to think this stuff; I'd say this was the work of the Roman Catholic Church.

But I'm not; so I won't.

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An Apology.

To the kind folks who may have been looking for new stuff, sorry.

I had some bugs with this site. I now have it figured out.

To paraphrase another: I don't do this for a living.

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A Child’s Grave

Statuary 1.jpg

This statue is in Magnolia Cemetery in Charleston, SC.

There are many emotion-provoking sculptures there. I think this is the saddest.

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Opening Day 2006 ( a few thoughts )

Walter Johnson.jpeg I work in an old-time sort of camera shop/photo lab. People bring in all sorts of heirlooms and family photos for copying and restoration and such. I've seen glass plate negatives, tintypes and an original print from 1937 or 38 of a Kodak experiment with color negative film.

The most amazing and awe-inspiring item came in last week: The 1921 personal scrapbook, edited by his wife, of " the Big Train", Walter Johnson. His stats. The strikeout record that Nolan Ryan broke in 1983 was his.

Oh, and my Washington Nationals ended today's game with a base running error by Vidro. Mets win 3-2. Nuts.

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It’s spring again.

2006 Cherry Blossoms.jpg
This was last Wednesday evening, at the Tidal Basin, in Washington, DC.

Here’s some history on the famous cherry trees.

Metro, the incompetent mass transit system in DC, said that last Friday’s ridership was the third largest in it’s history, with some 800,000 or so.

Bloody tourists.  

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Where are my manners?

My name is Harrison.
No. The pleasure is all mine.

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Mt. St. Helen’s (Sept. 2005)

Mt. St. Helens31.jpg

It’s been over twenty-five years since the top one-third blew off.

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