Opening Day 2006 ( a few thoughts )

Walter Johnson.jpeg I work in an old-time sort of camera shop/photo lab. People bring in all sorts of heirlooms and family photos for copying and restoration and such. I've seen glass plate negatives, tintypes and an original print from 1937 or 38 of a Kodak experiment with color negative film.

The most amazing and awe-inspiring item came in last week: The 1921 personal scrapbook, edited by his wife, of " the Big Train", Walter Johnson. His stats. The strikeout record that Nolan Ryan broke in 1983 was his.

Oh, and my Washington Nationals ended today's game with a base running error by Vidro. Mets win 3-2. Nuts.

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  1. Hey man. I have this awesome pic of my dad when he was in the Navy.
    Probably taken in late 1950s, in good condition. Will it scan or copy well? I’m afraid to
    hand it off to anyone since I have the only copy.

  2. Hiya, KC.
    Old photos scan great as long as a “photo” scanner is used. Everyday document scanners don’t have the options that a photo scanner does; higher resolutions, B/W or color, print, negative or slide. You can buy one for $150 to $250 or so. Epson makes good stuff ( not a paid endorsement.)
    If you take it to a photo lab ask if they send things out for work or the work is done in house. In house; less chance of misplacement. Have it scanned to a CD and you can get it printed anywhere without worry. CD’s are the new negative.

  3. Thanks bro. I’ll keep you posted.

  4. Thanks for the post

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