Happy Birthday To…


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The Party’s Over

Blatently stolen from IMAO via Dan @ Protein Wisdom:

If I Hear The Word “Change” ONE MORE TIME…

I’ll break out in a song:

via HotAir.

Happy New Year!

…To all the nice folks that wander through here.

And you spambots, too.

The Smiths x 2 (plus a bonus)

How Soon Is Now?:

There Is A Light That Never Goes Out:

BONUS: Radiohead covers The Headmaster Ritual:

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Chet Atkins & Don McLean – Vincent

I saw Chet Atkins many years ago during the Spoleto USA Festival in Charleston, SC. It was like sitting with 1200 friends listening to your favorite uncle tell stories and play guitar. A magical evening.

h/t to Lipstick in this thread for starting the search.

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Let’s Play A Game


Mad World – Gary Jules

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Fine Young Cannibals x 2

She Drives Me Crazy ( 12″ mix )

Suspicious Minds

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Peter Gabriel-Here Comes The Flood

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