Now They’ve Gone Too Far!

The 2008 Dakar Rally, scheduled to start tomorrow, has been cancelled due to a threat of terrorists:

PARIS (AP) — The Dakar Rally, the epic motorcycle, car and truck race across the Sahara desert, was canceled Friday by organizers citing “direct” threats of terrorism from al-Qaida-linked militants.

The race was deemed too inviting — and too easy — a target for the terror group’s new north African affiliate. The roughly 550 competitors were to have embarked Saturday on the 16-day, 5,760-mile trek through remote and hostile dunes and scrub from Europe to Senegal in west Africa.

This is the first shutdown in it’s thirty-year history. Five hundred and fifty have been hung out to dry at the last minute. It’s always been dangerous, but everyone knows that going into it.

In 1982, Mark Thatcher, son of British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, got lost in the desert for six days. In 1988, the leading truck crashed and killed a driver, and over the last three years the race has claimed seven lives — five motorcyclists and two spectators.


Dakar race organizers based in France were urged to avoid Mauritania, where a family of four was reportedly killed by militants linked to Al-Qaida.

Individual stages of the event have been cancelled in the past, but this is the first time the entire event was cancelled — much in part because eight of the stages would’ve taken place near the terror-plagued Mauritanian desert.

“It’s a weird time now when you have to cancel races because of terrorist activities,” said Bill Auberlen, driver of the No. 23 AJR Porsche Crawford. “You have to because it’s a safety issue but where’s it going to end?”

Of course, some folks first reaction is to sue.

For me, this race and the 24-hour race at Daytona Speedway have always heralded a new season of motorsports.

I’m pissed-off.

The official word from the organizers.


Happy New Year!

…To all the nice folks that wander through here.

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Some Black & White Pics

A few weeks ago I went shooting with my honey and a good friend.We went wandering around Old Town Alexandria, Va.

I took my grandfather’s old Leica M3 with my buddy’s new Voightlander 30mm lens.

Shooting film, after years of instant feed-back from digital, forces me to concentrate more on the whole process.





This last one is the interior of Christ Church. On the left is Geo. Washington’s old family pew and on the altar rail is a brass tag marking where Robert E. Lee was confirmed.


Let’s Play A Game


Art Of Noise – Close (To The Edit)

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Doll Face

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It’s Because Of NAFTA

that I suggest you go north of the border to Mitchieville to check out the Mayor’s link dump.

And what a dump it is.

Let Them Be Amazed By Cake(s)

At (just because something cool happens daily on 1/6 of the earth’s surface.)

All you see below are cakes that can be eaten without any part of it left. No plastics or any other artificial stuff is being used – everything is eatable. All this cakes by Zhanna from St. Petersburg.

Go and visit, they’re…amazing.

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A Formula 1 Engine In Full Song

The Renault R25:

via Tim Blair.

UPDATE: Oops. Double-click on the screen, please.

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This Is So Childish!

Which is why it makes me giggle like a little kid.
Farting In Public.

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