I Had…

…a lovely birthday today.
Thanks for asking.


Happy New Year!

…To all the nice folks that wander through here.

And you spambots, too.

Happy Thanksgiving…

to the fine, few folks that drop through here.

Sorry it’s been light lately. New job, you know.

Now go eat too much!

Chet Atkins & Don McLean – Vincent

I saw Chet Atkins many years ago during the Spoleto USA Festival in Charleston, SC. It was like sitting with 1200 friends listening to your favorite uncle tell stories and play guitar. A magical evening.

h/t to Lipstick in this thread for starting the search.

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Let Them Be Amazed By Cake(s)

At EnglishRussia.com (just because something cool happens daily on 1/6 of the earth’s surface.)

All you see below are cakes that can be eaten without any part of it left. No plastics or any other artificial stuff is being used – everything is eatable. All this cakes by Zhanna from St. Petersburg.

Go and visit, they’re…amazing.

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The Best Beer Commercial EVAH!

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The Many Ways To Say “I Love You”

heart_20070212143024_59703.jpgRemember those little candy hearts? Now you can write your own. Acme Heart Maker.

Found in this comment at Protein Wisdom.

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A Little Fine Dining

Oh sh*t, it’s Mr. Creosote!

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Public Health Notice

I just ate lunch at Taco Bell.

I’ll let you know.

UPDATE: Still alive. Just a little gas.

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Sheer Genius!

It’s sausage. Wrapped in pancake. No, wait. Get this. ON A STICK.
That Jimmy Dean fella. Splitting atoms, with his mind.
I might start eating breakfast again.
I just went to their site and I don’t see it.   It may be I’m in a test market.
It would suck if nobody else liked it.

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