The March On The Capitol 9/15/2007

A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition held an anti-war, anti-Bush, anti-capitalism, anti-pick one march in Washington, D.C. yesterday.

Gathering of Eagles held a counter protest.

Photos of the affair are below the fold.

Update: Welcome, brother/sister Morons. Look around and tell me what you think…

I got to the GOE meeting place on The Mall at 7th Street about 8:30 am. Everything was still getting set up.

I had a run-in with Celebrity. That’s Michelle Malkin and Bryan Preston of Hot Nice folks

While that group was getting ramped up I figured I’d wander into the fever swamps in Lafeyette Square, across from the White House to see how the other half prepares.
I’m amazed at what goes onto their signs.



Gee, they’re so proud.
And for the best in crazy:
Met a couple of guys from Pennsylvania, Wayne (L) and Wade.
They were having fun striking up conversations with the hippies.

We heard a commotion in the crowd and who should come marching though?
Why, it’s the GW University College Republicans. Good job, kids.

Headed back down to the Mall and found that a good sized crowd had formed.

It soon became time to move to the parade route. Pro-soldier people lined Pennsylvania Avenue from 10th St. to about 7th St.
Both Sides.

And here they came. About two hours late. Punctual? Nah.

Some on-their-toes GOEs jumped out in front. Heh.

And they looked like this:


A side note on the Code Pink gals; I heard them speechifying earlier in the day and they sound really pissed-off at Nancy Pelosi.





Some discussion went on between the two sides. I doubt much changed.



On to the Capitol.



The fine Capitol Police force were loaded for bear and did a good job keeping these ne’er do wells off of our front steps.




Here’s the “Die-in.” That’s never been done before.


Soon the arrests began.



And, of course, you can’t get into Gov’t buildings without having your bags checked; so, queue up.


Finally! A puppet.


Here’s a fellow getting hauled off after someone set a fire on the lawn. A definite no-no.


I stuck around until six o’clock or so. The local Fox News reported 189 arrested.
“So, Junior. What did you do this weekend?”
“I got arrested, Mom! It was sooo KEWL!!”

They’re like children.

Even the old ones.



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  1. […] Photo-Blogging The Hippies September 16, 2007 Posted by harrison in Current Events, Politics, Religion, Science, Websites. trackback I have shots of yesterday’s march in Washington, DC here. […]

  2. They’re like children.

    Even the old ones.

    Sadly, they’re like not very bright children who’ve been told lie after lie their entire lives that they were smart. You can’t fix stupid. They are irrepairable.

  3. Nice job Harrison. Be sure to shower a few extra times. If you don’t, the crazy cooties build up to unhealthy levels.

    Did the hippies outnumber the Eagles?

  4. Did the hippies outnumber the Eagles?

    Of course they did. Normal people have jobs and families and chores and stuff.

  5. Very nice photos.

    I wish we could have more coverage of events like these on TV.

  6. Great story in photos.

    I’m proud of our country that allows this kind of freedom of speech even though it’s offensive to me on many levels.

  7. It really is nothing but psychodramas played out by emotional two-year olds, isn’t it? I particularly like the guy with the self-satisfied grin on his face as he’s being marched off by the police. This douche really thinks he’s accomplished something, doesn’t he?

  8. It needs a soundtrack. “Send in the Clowns”, obviously.

  9. One of my favorite pictures is the woman who is shown just after the Michelle Malkin pic.

    She’s got this sign just *filled* with crazy neatly pre-printed or stencilled Anti-Bushitler verbiage… then she apparently looked at it, said “Whoops. Needs more crazy,” and added a handwritten “WAR CRIMINAL” in the sign’s last remaining white space.

  10. You fucking bigot, get your shit straight–your fellow Americans are being murdered and murdering, and you cant even understand why 200,000 people came out to bring them home? Are you really so ignorant you cant see these war protesters care about human life, and want the death toll to stop? You fucking death promoter

  11. hey john,


  12. Ooo, my first troll. I’m just giggly.

    and you cant even understand why 200,000 people came out to bring them home?

    John, try 5 to 10 thousand.
    Running away from problems is not a strategy that works.
    They are people who want to cut your head off because you don’t think like they do. I say we hunt them down and kill them first. If it happens to take place in Iraq, all the better. It won’t be on Main St. USA.

  13. You fucking bigot, get your shit straight–your fellow Americans are being murdered and murdering, and you cant even understand why 200,000 people came out to bring them home?

    I’m one of those “murderers” and I don’t need your help getting home. Most of us here would rather finish the job first…you, idiot, are just helping string along the violence by giving our enemies hope that we will quit. “Thanks” for helping out, jackass.

    Good job, nice photos Harrison.

  14. […] Medium @ Large […]

  15. Attn: Gathering of Eagles

    Continue to fight the fight.
    Continue to support our troops.
    Continue to counter ANSWER, MOVEON, and Code Pinks.
    They are truly clueless and need to be protected from themsleves and in spite of themselves.
    They are so misguided and misinformed I weep for them.
    This is the greatest battle in history and must be won by America’s children once again.
    There is no retreat.
    There is no leaving Iraq until victory is achieved.
    If the insurgency is not eventually annihilated over there, then they will be detonating IED’s in NY , Boston, Philadelphia, and Washington. They will be blowing up our schools. Terrorists under the guise of al-Queda, Hamas, Hezbollah, or whatever the flavor of the month is, must be exterminated off the face of the earth. And this all hinges on the troops in Iraq attaining victory, with our unconditional support.
    God Bless Our Troops!!!

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