…beginning next Monday. It will be nice to have some sort of regular schedule again.

Oh, and a regular check.


And no, it’s not with the Russian postal service, silly.

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  1. Congratulations! Actual letter carrier or inside job?

  2. I’m knocking on your door.
    (Actually it’s a first step into the carrier career gig.)

  3. Good man harrison. Go get em.

  4. Gonna carry your camera too? Got to be some opportunity for great photos from just wandering around.

  5. That can be a good gig…ya get your route done and yer done for the day…which P.O. you gonna be working out of?

    I can picture you in those shorts and the pith helmut…carrying mail and snapping away…mmmm, sweet!
    (absolutely just kidding on the “sweet”)

    Congrats bro’…

  6. Even though we are now natural and age-old enemies, I hope we can rise above the instinctual reaction of Postal Carrier and canine, and reach out to each other with BARAHRAHRAH BAHR BAHR BARH! GRRRRRRR RAH RAH RAH!

    I’ll work on it.

  7. I’ll have you know they provide a spray for just such occasions.

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