Rolling Thunder 2007

The 20th anniversary of Rolling Thunder rolled and thundered into Washington, DC on Sunday.
The show lasted for hours. Here are a few photos:


The parade route was from the Pentagon to Constitution Ave. to Independence Ave. then back across the Potomac.

Plenty of interesting rides.



A very supportive crowd turned out to watch.





Some of our Canadian brothers and sisters.


Don’t forget lunch.


I was most impressed with this gentleman.


They come from all over the country to keep our memory active.



Peace out.



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  1. […] Rolling Thunder May 28, 2007 Posted by harrison in Philosophy, Heroes, Current Events, History, Websites, Politics. trackback I’ve posted a few photos from this year’s run. […]

  2. Wow. Seeing Constitution Ave. brought back some memories, especially the lunch vendor. Years ago I did some work with the Customs Service, and in the summertime the Smithsonian museums had extended hours, so after work I’d grab a chili dog and a coke and then go wander. It was great.

  3. Most bikers are fine folks. Simple people, good Americans. I’ve never ridden a motorcycle in my life, but I think I’d trust these boys to cruise with. Great pics.

  4. I am holding the American Flag in the 5th picture. My family and I are part of the Run for the Wall. This is the second year we have been in DC for the Rolling Thunder. I was glad to see such great numbers of people in our Nations Capital Memorial Day weekend. I do wonder if most people understand that the point in the Run for the Wall, Rolling Thunder, and Memorial Day itself is to take time to reflect on the sacrifices made by our service men and women. To understand the MIA/POW conflict that seems to be missed in the daily news. People are too worried about Paris (and I don’t mean the French) to be bothered with the fact that soldiers like Matt Maupin are being ignored by their own country. I pray for our soldiers everyday! Thanks to them I still have the FREEDOM to do pray to my GOD. Our One Nation Under GOD!

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